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neat apps from Ireland
Alien AttackA Space Invaders clone, now with Levels and a Pause button. Based on the wonderful book Coding4Fun by Brian Peek. C#, ClickOnce, XNA.
AutoZipperAutomatically search for files and zip them into individual zips. C#, ClickOnce, WPF.
BetCalcOnline calculator for making bets. Allows for free bets, and bets where the stake is not returned, and also allows for laying bets. PHP.
Count My Cash [removed]FREE website to allow you to easily use your mobile, or just plain email, to track your cash spending, and view regular reports! C#4.0, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, LINQ and SQL Server 2008.
DeskScheduler [beta]Schedule office workers to a limited number of desks. Useful for when people work remotely, and have days when they prefer to work in the office. Based on a CodeProject app the name of which I have forgotten.... C++.
DevPadNotepad with some bells added on, such as an Always On Top feature. C#, ClickOnce.
DeploySQLAuto-deploy and upgrade a database, using standard SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) SQL scripts. Auto dump database objects to disk, to match the output of SSMS. Python, Powershell, T-SQL
DUplicate File Finder (DUFF)Finds duplicate files, and allows you to clean up the duplicates. C#, ClickOnce, Obfuscation.
GC Viewer [open source] - modified to run on command lineGC Viewer by tagtraum industries incorporated - modified this open source tool to be run on the command line, so that you can monitor the Java Garbage Collector, within an automated script environment. GC statistics are output to a CSV file, which can easily be parsed by your scripts. Java, Sphinx.
Map of loan words in the English language - [old version]A world map, showing the origin of some exotic words in the English language. Arcgis online.
Map of loan words in the English language - 2.0A new and improved world map mash-up, showing the origin of some exotic words in the English language. Combines data from multiple 3rd party websites, for a rich user experience. Google Polymer, Google Sheets [cloud], HTML5, bootstrap, Underscore.js, bower ...
Map of loan words in the English language - 2.2Leaner build of loanWords site in React and TypeScript. React, TypeScript, Google Sheets [cloud], HTML5, bootstrap
screenium [open source]a console tool to automatically test web sites. C#.
Splash Screen Updater [open source]A simple Windows console app, which writes text on to the given bitmap file. This is useful as part of a build system, for automatically adding the version to the splash screen for your product. C#.
Times Of The WorldNeat app which shows up to 3 time zones at once on the System Tray C#, ClickOnce.
tslint-foldersUse tslint to check for invalid imports between packages and folders in your project. Automatic validation and documentation of package architecture. TypeScript.
Wee Web WatcherDetect changes in web pages, with a full Before & After view of each page. C#, ClickOnce, Obfuscation, PInvoke.
XML2JSONConvert XML files into the equivalent JSON format. C#, ClickOnce.
Zombie ApocalypseThe zombies are coming! A population sim of a zombie apocalypse, using zombular automata. kendo ui, bootstrap, HTML5.
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